Free Teardrop Miracle Blender

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Our New and Improved Teardrop Miracle Blender is a silicone beauty blender that gives you a flawless makeup application every time without any wasted makeup! Effortless to use, the applicator is so soft and skin-like that it's able to give you a streak free airbrush-like coverage and hide any imperfections.

Use circular motions with the silicone sponge to spread your makeup product onto your face, then just pounce lightly onto your skin until everything is blended nicely and you have reached an airbrush-like finish (a little goes a long way so you only need a very minimal amount of makeup product). It's as simple as that!

The teardrop shape of the silicone beauty blender is designed specifically to not only target those hard to reach areas of your face, but to also seamlessly blend out larger areas of your face! The unique shape makes it very easy to hold as the base of the silicone sponge is made to be thick and squishy. We are the first and only company to have this amazing design!

Best of all, it's easy to care for, completely reusable and doesn't waste any makeup. To clean, simply wash with warm water and soap or use a makeup wipe. Never throw away your beauty blender makeup sponge ever again! The Teardrop Miracle Blender is made out of the highest quality medical-grade silicone, which has been SGS tested and approved! This non-allergenic, cruelty free and paraben free beauty applicator is the answer to all your prayers!