Comfort Zone

Action Sublime: Visible Rejuvenating Serrum 30ml

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Reinforced biological skin equilibrium, retrieved softness and elasticity with visible skin compactness and luminosity.
Hyaluronic acid, milk proteins, soy proteins, betaglucan.

How Comfort Zone Action Sublime Serum works:
- Milk proteins balance the cutaneous pH and favour the restoration of a correct equilibrium thanks to an extraordinary richness in aminoacids.
- Hyaluronic acid captures a high number of water molecules and exerts an amazing hydrating, firming and protective effect against the ageing processes.
- Betaglucan improves the skin defense mechanism and contrasts oxidative processes.
- Soy proteins, exceptional in preventing ageing, inhibit elastasis connected to the phenomenon of irritation caused by UV rays or environmental stress, as is natural in dehydrated and mature skin.

Directions: Apply a uniform layer of Comfort Zone Action Sublime Serum to the face, neck and décollété and massage until completely absorbed.